Markets worth seeing near Au-Jardin-Fleuri:


The markets and towns in the area are worth a visit. They smell delicious and are bustling with life. From succulent peaches to fresh fish, a myriad of different strawberry varieties and the finest French raw materials for wonderful culinary delights. Clothes and all kinds of souvenirs can also be found....

  • Ste. Foy la Grande (Saturdays), Port de Ste. Foy

Right on the banks of the Dordogne, about 16 km from Au-Jardin-Fleuri, lies the village of Saint Foy la Grande. Through the colourful and lively hustle and bustle, you will recognise the diversity of a mixed market. Under the arcades, you can let your imagination run wild at a small French café.

  • Bergerac (Wednesdays and Saturdays)

The town of Bergerac is only 15 km away from Au-Jardin-Fleuri. It is the second largest city in the Dordogne department, after Périgueux. The market in Bergerac consists of 3 parts: Flowers and herbs in front of the market hall, fruit and vegetables around the church and clothing on Place Gambetta, next to the church.

  • Issigeac (Sundays)

If you would like to enjoy the beautiful scenery with a market on Sunday, Issigeac, a former monastery, is the place to go. The narrow and winding alleys let us still suspect how all buildings were connected with each other. A visit to a glassblower (a little outside the village), direction Eyment about 1 km, should not be missed, and if you feel like a beautiful scenery with a market on Sunday, Issigeac,with it’s narrow and winding alleys, a former monastery, is a good place to visit.

A visit to a glassblower (a little outside the village), direction Eyment about 1 km should not be missed.

More information about the markets in the area can be found here.


Cities you should visit:

  • Bergerac

The city of Bergerac is located just 15 minutes from the Au-Jardin-Fleuri, the second largest city in the Dordogne department after Perigueux. The market on Wednesday and Saturday, is a special experience. The river Dordogne divides the city in two halves. After a small boat trip on the river with a Gabare, which was used as a means of transport in former times, you can return to the hotel Au-Jardin-Fleuri or visit the famous wineries around Bergerac.

  • Sarlat

The old town, which was completely restored between 1964 and 1974, is a jewel of old urban architecture. You will see how the Renaissance and Barrock coexist impressively and there are many interesting performances on the famous market square. The cathedral, with its 17th century organ and Romanesque bell tower, is also not to be missed.

  • Bordeaux

The city is famous for its Bordeaux wine and excellent cuisine, but also for its architectural and cultural heritage. It is the capital of Aquitaine. The Garonne flows like an arc around the city and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Then as now, Bordeaux is an important commercial city with the longest renovated classicist setting and one of the most beautiful cities in France. Shopping in the "golden triangle" (opera district) is therefore a "must". One of the 2 best bistros in the world is "La Tupina", whose regional cuisine is a highlight (Porte de la Monaie). For oysters and seafood lovers, "La boite à Huitres" is recommended right next to the opera.

  • Périgueux

Périgueux is the capital of the Perigord and according to the guests from the Au-Jardin-Fleuri , could be comparable to Venice. Formerly called "Vesunna", it was conquered by the Romans and for many centuries was a very important provincial town, not to be overlooked is the cathedral "Staint-Front", which stands 500 metres from the banks of the "Isle" and is known worldwide for its Gothic style. There are only three of its kind in the world. Pèrigueux has a special charm that is best explored on your own, a beautifully ingrown 18 hole golf course on the edge of this enchanted city.

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